VA - Dub Sunset (CD)

VA - Dub Sunset (CD)

VA - Dub Sunset (CD)
VA - Dub Sunset (CD) VA - Dub Sunset (CD) VA - Dub Sunset (CD)
Label: Deep in Dub
Product Code: VA - Dub Sunset

Price: 12.00€
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This is the first release in CD format from DeepInDub Netlabel. A compilation of various artists containing only pure Dub Techno, made carefully to celebrate 8 years of activity from our label. The protagonists of this compilation are 9 artists among the current listed in the Dub Techno scene. Be prepared for 70 minutes of syncopated rhythms, sounds coming out from nowhere, enthralling, overwhelming, relaxing and exciting! Each artis gives us him own personal interpretation of this specific style. The music was made by people who love to produce and have the intent to achieve something. Our main mission is to spread always the best music we can worldwide, discovering new talents and launching them in the Dub Techno scene.


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